Twic East Community


Take Action - Community Empowerment

One way to empower the community will be to build a multipurpose community center that will serve the people of Twic East County in various ways. This proposed community center known as Twic East County Center is a multipurpose facility that will serve as a resource space for career advancement, humanitarian outreach, and social services resources for residents of Twic East County and its neighbors.

As a humanitarian resource, the center will focus on peacemaking effort coordination, fundraising services, and administrative facilitation.

The center will serve as a resource for career advancement by offering job training, students tutoring, and career counseling among others.

As a social services resource, public information access and health awareness are among the services this center will be offering to its users.

The Centre will serve as a community gathering area to help the community in times of peace rallies and celebrations. Its core programs will include workforce training, adult education, activist and leadership training, credit and financial counseling, investment coaching, media affairs, culture preservation, health outreach, and information on all things.

Having a place youth can call their own will help the idle youth to have constant communication among themselves, enabling them to regain their self-worth and see the fruitfulness of their society.

Twic East Community-USA is determined to raise funds to construct this multipurpose Twic East County Center with administrative offices, sleeping and meeting rooms, computer lab, and other necessary spaces for its programs. Funds raised will be used to construct the centre and equip it with computers, study supplies, desks, seating areas, and TV with Satellite. Our vision is to design a marketing and fundraising plan which will help sustain the centre for the long run and a good example can include yearly membership contribution from the Diaspora natives of Twic East County. Generating resources by renting its available spaces such as meeting and sleeping rooms, entertainment hall, and computer lab to the local users will be another way of sustaining the centre. During the first annual conference of Twic East Community-USA in Kansas City, MO in July, 2012, about $20,000 was raised and pledged by its members. We are still encouraging all Twic East Community-USA members to contribute toward this project.