Twic East Community


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Key Projects - Flood Prevention and Control

The issue of floods in the Twic East County, just like many other areas in Jonglei State or South Sudan, is a serious paralyzing issue that begs full attention. This issue must beaddressed if the County is to see any positive developments at all. Financial contributions by the Diaspora natives in various places such as the United States, Canada, and Australia should be encouraged by all means.


The leadership of Twic East County will also be encouraged to hold a donor conference where it will invite all its development partners and other key stakeholders in the county to see if it can raise more funds. Afterward, the County leadership will hire an engineering company to put in place permanent flooding control measures. They will work with the engineering company to put in place flood control measures that include developing drainage and sewage systems in the county. In addition, fishing streams and pools will be created in the toc areas of the county to provide permanent fishing areas and these will also help trap waters, easing out the flooding occurrence in the county.

Key indicators for successful flooding control goal

  • No or controlled flooding with no or less overflow
  • Easy access or mobility within the county during the rainy seasons
  • Better drainage and sewage systems
  • Decreased mosquito outbreaks
  • Decreased cases of water borne diseases during the rainy seasons
  • Creation of fishing locations in the county